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Windows 10 key features


Advanced Threat Protection 

Secure operating system

It’s no secret a single breach can have a serious impact on an organisations success. Windows 10 is Microsoft's most secure operating system. Ever. 

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Achieve more

Help your teams make decisions faster

Windows 10 reduces the amount of time you need to spend on everyday tasks.  Enabling you to focus on what's important, to achieve

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More personal

Establish a culture of collaboration

We are expected to become ever more productive, and in order to do this, we need tools that learn how we work and adjust to our personal style.

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Would you be interested in a Free Windows 10 Workshop?

We are offering a complimentary workshop delivered by a Windows 10 deployment expert. It is designed to:

  • Answer all of your Windows 10 questions -technology, operations and planning
  • Show you what's possible with Windows 10
  • Understand and make recommendations as to your current environments
  • Start to shape your Windows 10 programme 

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Your Windows 10 journey with OCSL

The era of the new digital workplace is upon us and users need technologies that are mobile, flexible and secure.

The Windows 10 operating system introduces a new way to build, deploy and service Windows: Windows-as-a-service. It sees the end to the time consuming desktop upgrade projects and instead the feature, functionality and security updates/patches will occur twice a year behind the scenes. but you need to get onto Windows 10 first.

In these demanding and stressful environments you organisation operates, Windows 10 will help support your Teams with their daily challenges with increased security, productivity and analytics.

Depending on what stage of your Windows 10 journey you are at, we have a solution that suits your organisations Windows 10 needs. Benefiting from our experience, you'll be able to avoid the common Windows 10 deployment pitfalls.

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Our approach to Windows 10 migration

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How to create a Secure Modern Workplace

On-demand Webinar


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In the past, many organisations have been hindered by out of date, insecure and inflexible systems that inhibit productivity.

Our webinar looks at how you can achieve these digital goals with a more flexible and secure modern workplace for your staff.

  • Trust strategy (Azure & O365)
  • Utilising the technology
  • Collaborating with other trusts
  • Windows 10
  • Microsoft Teams


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Complimentary Windows 10 Workshop

Take this opportunity to ask our Experts about all things Windows 10

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We are offering a complimentary workshop delivered by one of our experts. It is designed to give you answers to your questions about your current Windows estate. We will discuss how we can help you with next steps towards migrating to Windows 10.

We’ll deliver clear recommendations on how to address current challenges and demands on you and your IT. As well as, how to meet the challenges and future needs of your business.

Next steps

Request an initial call with an expert who will run your workshop to discuss your specific needs and to agree an agenda for your workshop session.


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Modern Desktop Assessment

Experience the best computing experience for IT and end users

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OCSL together with Microsoft 365 solution are committed to offer you the most productive and most secure computing experience for your users while lowering total cost of ownership for your organisation. Focusing in the area of modern desktop, we offer you a 2 to 3 day engagement with one of our experts. 

We would be happy to introduce the Modern Desktop Assessment in more detail, so please click the button to the left to find out more about what you will receive at the end of the assessment. If you would like to book an assessment, please complete the form and one of our Experts will be in touch.